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 The learners' social lives have become heavily dependent on social media. It is now regarded as a forum for increasing pupil participation and capabilities. The learners use these platforms to link, communicate, access information and collect data. Especially in today's global era and circumstances, social media is now widely used throughout the entire globe. Our research aims to evaluate social media's repercussions on augmenting the online learning of the grade-9 learners of Fame Academy of Science and Technology (FAST) during the first quarterly period. This study comprises the uses, effects, background, and significance of social networking sites on students' learning via the internet. The survey questionnaire was conducted by distributing survey questions, validated by an instruction specialist from FAST, to chosen grade-9 learners. The results collected from the respondents through surveying online indicates that most of the time used in social media is for social interaction and inquiring study materials. Usage of social networking websites is also found as a way for young adults to look out for their mental health while continuing to learn more. However, along with the good benefits of social media platforms, the results also state that there are adverse effects on the learners. A few detrimental impacts of social media in the school children's studies are by distracting them and influencing their mood to degrade their studying efficiency. Regarding the problems caused by social networking,  the lure of accessing other platforms during class, limited data, out-of-date gadgets, and unstable networks, online learning has been very strenuous for many pupils. As a consequence of all the wonders of social media, this could also be harmful to young adults if exposed to long periods.

As a conclusion for our research, social media have helped the learners connect with other individuals to share and collect information in various ways. Nevertheless, it can also serve as a distraction from learning or doing unethical actions during class. But even with all the dilemmas caused by online learning and social networking sites, diamonds from Fame Academy of Science and Technology (FAST) are doing their best to thrive and withstand this ongoing pandemic.


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