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Growth Guide and Requirements


Here at Open Advertisements, we try our best to provide our members with the hospitality they deserve. We help them with mainly growing their server by advertising, but we do other things as well. As part of the Growth Team, our job is to ensure that our members' servers grow, with a series of services, both paid and non-paid. Our premium services are paid for through Patreon, and they range from advertisement review to server editing. Our basic services are all free, and they range from basic growth advice to banner reviews. All of these services we will go into further depth below. Before we get to those services, let's make sure you know your positions and what responsibilities come along with them.


You will start in the team as a Growth Expert in Training, meaning your Growth Team Leader (TL) will be watching over you very closely, making sure you are fit for the team. As a member of this department, you will have three primary responsibilities, or "tasks," to complete every week or every "checking period." Your first and one of the most common tasks is answering growth questions. In the main server, you will notice a section based on growth. This category is your place of belonging. It's divided into three parts.

  • Growth-tips: This section is used to direct our members if they need help with growth things before receiving more assistance. Usually, once they read this, they will have found what they were looking for.

  • Growth-questions: This is where you will fulfil your "answering growth questions" task. You must answer three questions every week. This doesn't apply if we do not have enough coming in.

  • Server-ideas: This section is where members will share their server ideas!

Another task you will have to fulfil is to chat regularly in both the main and staff server lounges. We ask you to send at least 100 messages between the two per week so our community knows we have an active staff team. Your last task, and possibly most significant, is handling modmails. Our members reach out to staff this way, and this is also where our services are dealt with. You must claim at least one modmail every other week. For all of these tasks, you are welcome to go above and beyond, but think of your fellow team members as well!

Our Services

We have many services available to the members of Open Advertisements, and even many different kinds! Our primary growth-related modmails fit into two distinct categories: Basic and Premium, or Non-paid and Paid, respectively.

Basic Services

Basic Growth Advice

Members sometimes reach out to ask questions through our support bot, which is perfectly fine. These are just simple questions, which you will answer in detail, and if they need further help, help them!

Basic Ad Review

In this service, the User will send their advertisement through the support bot, and you will look over it and send them a couple of things they could do to improve the ad. You will not edit their advertisement but suggest things. If they would like more suggestions, they would have to purchase a premium package.

Basic Server Review

This is where things start to get slightly more complicated. The User would send over an invite link, and you would join, give them 2 or 3 things to build on, and then leave if you don't want to stay a part of that specific server. If they want more, they have to get the premium version of this service.

Basic Banner Review

This service is pretty simple. The User sends over a banner, and you make suggestions. Just a couple or they would have to buy the "Premium Ad Review" as equivalent pricing.

Premium Services

Our Patreon holds all of our Premium Services, and before handling the service, you must have proof that the User has either bought or won the wanted service. You, as a growth staff member, will receive 10% of the premium packages you handle. These modmails must be handled quickly and effectively as well.

Premium Server Review

This starts the same as a basic, but first, make sure they purchased the package. Review as much as you can of the User's server, and send more until you've run out of suggestions to make or they are content with the price. (If they have a "staff" server, and they want you to review that as well, do that as well) Make sure they understand that it will take a little bit of time.

Premium Ad Review/Small Edits

It starts with the checking of purchase; then they send on over their advertisement. If the User wants us to make minor edits, we can do that as well, but make sure that you ask before every little tweak if you can do it. Send as many suggestions as you can until either the User thinks that the Review was worth the price or you run out of tips.

Premium Server Editing

Make sure they paid or won the package, then join the server. When you notice things that the server could change for the better, ask if you can change them. Nothing will be done without the owner saying that it is okay. Don't do too much, but also make sure they are getting their money's worth.

Service Disclaimers

No basic server reviews are to be done with more than one person. One Growth Team Staff member is to work on these basic services, no more.

If you would like to work on a premium service with more than one person, ask the Growth TL. They will deny or approve.

You are not required to hide your identity when answering growth-related modmails, though you still can if you would like to.

When doing a premium package with a server involved (server review, server editing), get the Growth TL to watch over you.

All modmail rules (supplied on the next page, along with information) still apply, other than the use of "!ar," which is at the claimer's discretion.

Weekly Checks

In our Growth Team, we send out a check to you every week to make sure that you have completed the following quota. You will need to have the following done along with acting professionally when communicating with the public. (In the staff server, less professionalism is required, but act professionally when needed.)

(10/10) You are required to answer three growth questions per week. You will get 2 points automatically for answering it, 3 points if done professionally. If you answer all three professionally, you will earn yourself that 10th point in this section.

(5/5) You will be expected to handle at least one modmail every other week. You will receive a score somewhere through 1-5 in this section based on how well you handle the modmail. If you answer more than one modmail within the two weeks, you will most likely earn yourself 5 points in this section. 

(5/5) You are expected to send 100 messages between both server lounges every week. 

(5/5) Professionalism. You will earn a score of 1-5 depending on how well you show it during the specific week.


Modmails come in almost every day from users seeking help. These are the main categories.

1. Growth-related ModMails

2. Reports

3. Partnership Requests

4. Management and HR ModMails

Now, let's go over each one, so you know what to do if you come across one.

1. Growth-Related ModMails

These are the ones that you will be working with within our Growth Team. To start, the User will usually send a request to ask for one of our services, or in some occurrences, just asking for advice. If this modmail isn't already in the growth category, use the command "!transfer growth" to move it there, then you can continue handling the modmail with the use of snippets and messages. If they ask for a basic service, follow through and give them that service. If they ask for a premium service, make sure they send proof of the purchase/winning, put the screenshot in #patreon-confirms if they purchased it. Then, you give them the Review. 

The two main scenarios are explained below.

Example One: Premium Services

(Member): Hey

(Staff): Mine

(Staff): !!!hi

(Member): I would like to redeem my premium server review.

(Staff): !transfer

(Staff): !ar/!reply Could you, please send proof of your purchase?

(Member): sends proof

(This is where you would send the proof in the #patreon-confirms channel)

(Staff): !ar/!reply. Alright, send over that server invite link, and we'll get you that Review!

(Member): sends invite link

(Staff, after reviewing the server): sends a detailed review of the server.

(Member): Thanks!

(Staff): Sure thing!

(Staff): !!!morehelp

(Member): Nope! That’s all

(Staff): !!!thanks

(Staff): !close 1h

In a premium modmail like this, you must try to respond as fast as possible and as polite as possible. After all, the User did pay for this service. First, claim the modmail by saying mine, ask for proof of purchase, give the service, and ask if they need more help. If they do require more help, give it to them. If they don't, send "!!!thanks" and do "!close 1h." 

Example Two: Basic Services

(Member): Hi

(Staff): Mine

(Staff): !!!hi

(Member): My server is dead; how can I increase the activity?

(Staff): !ar/!reply give a detailed response on ways to increase activity

(Member): Thanks!

(Staff): No problem!

(Staff): !!!morehelp

(Member): Nope.

(Staff): !!!thanks

(Staff): !close 1h

These modmails are simple, though some of our basic services are slightly more difficult. Claim the modmail by saying "mine," then follow through with the service, next ask if they need any more help, then if they don't, set it to close in one hour (with "!close 1h")

2. Reports

Reports are dealt with by moderation, otherwise known as Trust and Safety. If you find one of these in the all-staff section, move it to the moderation team with the command "!transfer trust," They will handle it from there.

3. Partnership Requests

The partnership team does partnerships. If you come across one of these in the all-staff section, move it to the partnership team with the command "!transfer partner," and they will handle it from there.

4. Management, Operations Management, and HR Modmails

If something comes along where it needs to go to HR or management, use "!transfer human" or "!transfer management." If it's a staff report, send it to the Human Resource Team. If it is any of the following, send it up to management.

-Complaints about Open Advertisements

-Sponsor Open Advertisements or booster perks

-Regards the legal side of Open Advertisements

-Inquires about the bots made by Open Advertisements

-United Servers

-Anything in general that needs to be handled by management.


-Claim the thread before answering by saying "mine."

-The prefix of OA Support is "!"

-If the staff member claimed the thread doesn't respond to the thread after 1 hour, ping them, and wait 30 minutes. If they still do not respond, you have permission to take over the thread by saying "overclaim."

-Only answer if you know the answer! Feel free to ask other staff members for help as needed.

-You are not required to use "!ar" in growth-related modmails. You can use "!reply" if you feel comfortable.

-When you use a snippet, it will be sent anonymously.

-To block users, use "!block" and "!unblock" within a modmail thread.

-If you need help with something, and the Growth Team Leader isn't available (For example, on break), ping a management member to help you.


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