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What if we get a machine to go in the past and kill ourselves behind? | The Encyclopedia | Lucky Ali Saifi

What if we get a machine to go in the past and kill ourselves behind?

What is Space-time? (The Time Travel Theory)

Stephan Hawking and Einstein Time Travel Theory

Albert Einstein explained that time and space are interconnected, called Space-time. Time is the fourth dimension, and the speed of time can be slowed or accelerated.

Time is running like a river in the universe, just as the speed of water is accelerating somewhere in the river, then, in the same way, time in the universe is moving at different rates in different places!

Time travel is possible only by the equation of space-time given by Einstein in relativity theory. According to Einstein's equation of space-time, if the faster an object moves, then the time will slow down for it, and the faster the speed of that object, the slower the time will go for it.

Time travel is possible only at the speed of light! - Time Travel Theory

When you travel on a high-speed train or airplane, the time for you will be slower than the outside world, and when you get out of that train or plane after your journey, you will have reached the future.

However, you will reach as much as a millionth of a second in the future due to the work speed.

This difference in time is very slight to realize this difference in time, and your speed should be equal to the speed of light or up to 95%.

Time Travel and Railway Track

Stephen Hawking, who explained concepts such as the big-bang theory and black holes, envisioned a railway track for time travel built around the earth, and the speed of the train on that track is equal to the speed of light.

When the train moves at the speed of light on the track around the earth, time will slow down for the passengers sitting in the parade so slow that life will be seen faster than passengers on the train. Time passes so quickly that the seconds of the train will change to months on earth.

Although the passengers inside the train will feel like average time inside the train, the train time will be prolonged compared to the outside world.

When the train stops after a week, according to the passengers sitting on the train, the passengers will travel 65 years on the earth in a week's journey and those passengers will find themselves in the future and the boys of those passengers will be older than them.

Is time travel possible in the future? - The Time Travel Theory and Future

According to Einstein's space-time equation, time travel is possible only in the future, i.e., once reached in the future, you cannot come back! One-way Ticket to the Future.

Now a question arises here, is it possible to take a train running at the speed of light? According to our current technology, the answer may be frustrating.

It is not possible to construct such a train right now, according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, if the speed of an object increases, its mass will also increase.

Need speed of light for time travel - The Infinite Energy For Time Travel

Suppose we have made a train that can run at the speed of light; when this train runs at the speed of light, its mass will become infinite. And Einstein's equation E = mc ^ 2 will require endless energy to run an infinite mass train.

There is not even this much energy in our entire galaxy. If we fill the power of the whole universe in that train, then that train may run at the speed of light.

If we run trains at 90% - 95% of the speed of light, then perhaps the energy of our entire galaxy is required to run that train at such a pace.

Now a question arises here that it is impossible to make a train that runs at the speed of light, then does our time travel imagination stops here. Apart from this principle, there are many other principles through which time travel is possible.

According to Einstein, travel in the past is not possible.

But may become a traveling machine in the past.

So the answer to this can be that we have not come back to our present age, because when we are dead today, how will we exist after ten years.


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