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What are the jobs that will not be there in the coming few years?

Seven and a half crore jobs will be completed by 2025, will your job be safe?

By adopting some methods, you can not only save your job but can also earn good money by being prepared for the future.

For the last few years, it has been in discussion around the world that people will have to lose their jobs when AI, Artificial Intelligence, increases the efficiency of machines. Many experts say that with the strengthening of AI, a large number of drivers from data entry operators will have to lose their jobs. The special thing is that among those who lost jobs, not only ordinary jobs but also those with good mental capacity, including doctors, journalists, and lawyers, their jobs were seen to be threatening after AI-enabled them. But a recent report has also revealed the exact opposite.

This report is from the World Economic Forum (WEF). The annual report of WEF states that AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence will create 60 million more jobs than the number of jobs it will finish in the next few years.

When the use of AI starts at work, it will not only increase productivity but will also reduce the possibility of mistakes. In such a situation, no one would want to do a lot of work instead of human beings with computers and robots because computers and robots will not make mistakes. However, recently the World Economic Forum has released a report titled 'Future of Jobs' (Future of Jobs).

It has been revealed from this report that in the coming 7 years i.e. by 2025, more than half the work of humans (given about 52 fees) machines will be started. Right now only 29 percent of the total work of humans is done by machines. In such a report, it is believed that in such a situation 7.5 crore people will have to lose their jobs. But it is also a matter of happiness that after the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), 13.3 crore new jobs will also come. In such a situation, 5.8 crores more new jobs will also come in the market.

These jobs will increase rapidly in such condition

This report has been prepared after a study done on 1.5 crore people from 12 different industries. The World Economic Forum also said about the report that neither business nor governments are ready for this fourth industrial revolution. The fastest-growing jobs will be developers, e-commerce, and social media specialists. These will be web and software developers, whose demand will be very high by that time. The social media platform for employment, LinkedIn, also said that software engineers and marketing jobs are growing rapidly and will continue to grow.

These sectors will also progress in terms of employment

Other jobs that can be increased rapidly require human skills - such will increase the jobs of those who provide customer service. Whether they provide online service or over the phone. At that time people will have more devices, in such a situation, more devices will deteriorate and people will take the help of the customer service to improve them. Apart from this, sales and marketing jobs will also increase, because more people will be needed to sell more machines. Apart from this, the employment of people with training and development is also safe. People who are working in the field of arts and culture. Such as a singing, dancing, painting or making films, their employment will not decrease but will increase because people will have more time for these things then. Also, they will have more platforms to showcase their skills.

Those who are doing jobs, what to do to save your job?

Apart from this, there will also be an increase in NGOs, political parties, and other organization-based places. The employment of those responsible for new experiments will also increase. Right now people engaged in some employment need to re-skill and retrain themselves because if they are not updated and they do not get new work, then they will have to lose their employment. Therefore, they are also advised to keep an eye on new experiments and discoveries that are constantly happening.

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