Consequences of war between India and China


What if Pakistan and China declare war against India today?

The Indian military will go on complete alert and will installation troops, tanks and missiles in the direction of the Chinese border in Arunachal Pradesh, Aksai Chin and Ladakh location. The big flat valleys alongside the mountain ranges in the Ladakh vicinity will permit for armored movement by way of each aspects throughout the border.

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The Chinese Air force in the Tibet area will launch airstrikes towards Indian troops along the McMahon line- Arunachal Pradesh/ Zangnan- Aksai Chin vicinity. Also, a contingent of Chinese fleets might installation to the Greater Indian Ocean to confront the Indian Navy which may additionally try and block Chinese oil supplies from entering the Strait of Malacca. China might utilize a massive fleet of frigates, destroyers, and submarines due to the massive Indian Ocean.

The Militaries of U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and South Korea will pass on high alert, to fit the posture of the Chinese armies. If Chinese missiles hit Japan or South Korea, expect both countries and the USA to retaliate in kind.

Russia may additionally do the following:

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  • If it facets with India, its strategic and monetary partner, then China could be surrounded from all viable aspects, virtually now not a proper position.
  • If it sides with Beijing, India will best friend with Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and South Korea; with the guide of US Military Power.

Russia could live out of the fight however will undermine China. Russia already has pending border problems with China and is quite aware that if China defeats India, Russia itself might be the future goal.

The U.S. navy will cross on full alert in Japan, South Korea, the Persian Gulf, Guam and Diego Garcia. U.S. undercover agent satellites will be tracking nuclear silos in China, India, North Korea, probably Russia and Pakistan. The U.S. Will help India within the warfare by means of blocking the Strait of Malacca with its plane carriers, submarines, and destroyers; thereby obstructing China’s oil elements.

The reaction of the Chinese can be to send its frigates, destroyers, traditional diesel-electric submarines and nuclear-powered attack submarines to the Indian Ocean. Where it would be liable to the U.S. And Indian Missile Batteries. Military strain on China might mount as it combats the U.S. And India inside the Indian Ocean and the U.S., Japan, and South Korea within the Pacific – South China & East China Sea place. China will be fighting on  fronts.

The information media around the arena will broadcast the conflict. There will be a international protest to give up the conflict.

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The stock markets around the world will tumble very hard. Oil expenses skyrocket. Because the Indian Ocean and the Strait of Malacca, the busiest oil transport route, is blocked off; Gold fees will skyrocket, the Chinese and American currency will fall hard, and inflation will swell.

The UN Security Council will convene an emergency consultation within days. Russia will lead the efforts to end the conflict. The U.S could blame China for the conflict and might threaten weapons elements to Taiwan and support Taiwan’s declaration of independence.

European NATO participants have discovered their instructions in World War 1&2 . Thus would now not intervene throughout the war.

As the war drags on, China will use its land and sea-based totally missiles on Indian cities and troops & in opposition to U.S. Targets in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. China will also goal U.S installations in Japan and probably Tokyo. India and U.S. Will target Chinese cities as nicely.

Pakistan can be tempted to sign up for China as Indian cities go through sizable damages. Pakistan will hope this may allow them to take over Kashmir finally.

With China facing India in Ladakh, the US in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, plus different rivalries (Japan, Vietnam South Korea) and neutral Russia; China and Pakistan can be tempted to use nuclear guns. If they use nuclear weapons, the U.S, Russia, France, and U.K. Will respond in Kind. If this scenario occurs, well accurate success to humanity.

Consequences – With Nuclear guns

  • India’s Nuclear guns will break Pakistan
  • A third of China mainly inside the west devastated
  • New Delhi, Seoul, and Beijing destroyed
  • Total casualty: three hundred million dead.

Consequences – Without Nuclear Weapons

  • China’s financial system will go through; riot will start in Tibet and Hong Kong leading to its breakdown like USSR.
  • The PLAN Naval power could be significantly diminished and so would be China’s claims in South China and the East China Sea.
  • India’s economic system will go through worse than China, mainly in North East India.
  • The United States might be victorious. No China to mission them economically or militarily inside the long run.
  • Taiwan will declare independence knowing that Beijing won’t respond.

Finally, there will be a international economic depression.

Fortunately, all events are fully aware of the effects and will avoid battle at any cost.

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